The Grayshott Stagers
The Grayshott Stagers
4th, 5th, 6th May 1995 in Grayshott, Hampshire
11th, 12th, 13th May 1995 in Haslemere, Surrey

The Director was Andrew Andy Boughton
The Musical Director was Jane Johnson
The Choreographers were Andrew How did he get in twice? Boughton
and Toni Adnams

The cast was:

Billy Tony Creasey Tony Creasey
Alice Heather Heather Legat
Gran Shirley Shirley Jellis
Geoffrey Malcolm Dobson Malcolm Dobson
Arthur Photos to follow Mike Irvine
Stamp Photos to follow Rick Clement
Shadrack Mike Lee Mike Lee
Duxbury John John Dowsett
Barbara Jo Jo Boughton
Rita Alex Alex Legat
Liz Photos to follow Toni Adnams
Cricketer Photos to follow Alan Clarke
Footballer Photos to follow Rick Clement
Pirate Photos to follow David McGrath
Red Indian Photos to follow Richard Bowden
Ballet Dancers Photos to follow Janice Batten
  Photos to follow Sarah Jutsum
Can-Can Dancers Photos to follow Felicity Lock
  Photos to follow Helen Page
Ambrosian Women's Army Photos to follow Pauline Harries
  Pauleen Pauleen Dowsett
  Lynn Lynn Patton
Marilyn Monroe Pauleen Pauleen Dowsett
Coffin Bearers Photos to follow Alan Clarke
  Photos to follow Richard Bowden
  Photos to follow David McGrath
Vicar Ian Ian Page
Mrs Crabtree Lizzie Liz Dobson
Bouncers Kevin Kevin Kaighin
  Peter Peter Sillick

Also appearing.....

Diane Bradbury Diane
Photos to follow Margaret Hartwell
Ann Johnston Photos to follow
Photos to follow Judy Lee
Betty Penny Betty
Photos to follow Susie Rusby
Mandy Sutcliffe Mandy
Photos to follow Val Smith
Nicki Swallow Nicki
Jennifer Jennifer Charters
Clare Williams Photos to follow

Billy! is an English musical set in Yorkshire, England in the 1960s.
Billy Fisher works for Shadrack & Duxbury, a firm of undertakers. He spends his life dreaming a series of adventures in which he becomes a fighter pilot, the president of Ambrosia, a gangster and Fred Astaire! All the while, real life is catching up with him.
His parents and his Gran are constantly yelling at him and telling him not to be so bone idle but it doesn't make any difference.
He gets engaged to Barbara, a dumb girl who like the colour orange and Rita, a tart who wears six inches of make-up and high-heels to match, as well as the shortest skirts in Yorkshire. However, he loves Liz - a level headed girl, the only one who understands him, who plans to run away with him to London.
Much of the musical is related to Billy's dreams or takes place in them!

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