Wednesday to Saturday, 22nd to 25th April 2009

The story of Yorkshire housewife Viv Nicholson, who won £152,319 on the football pools in 1961.

Directed by Tony Creasey

The cast:
Young Viv Alex Alexandra Yates
Viv Sue Smith
George Richard White
Mother Mary Coyte
Keith Kevin Sampson
Bank Manager Andy Boughton
Vicar Peter Gardner
Stewardess Brezetta Thonger
Mrs Waterman Jennifer Charters
Estate Agent John Hilder
Tax Man Peter Jones
Also appearing Katie Jane Bevan
  Kelly Bartlett
  Lynn Creasey
  June Hegarty
  Elizabeth Chester
  Sue Davis
  Jessi McClusky
  Ann Johnston
  Adam Coyte
  Peter Davis
  Melanie Tyrrell
  John Dowsett
  Alan Kaighin
  Kevin Kaighin
  Lynne Mitchinson
  Graeme Somerville
  David David Landau
  Mike Lee

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