(Honorary Patron: Vanessa Redgrave CBE)

20th to 22nd November 2014
The Grayshott Stagers presented:

John Buchan's

'The 39 Steps'

adapted by
Patrick Barlow

The Director was Andy Boughton

The Cast:

Richard Hannay Steffen Steffen Zschaler
Pamela Kim Kim Seymour
Annabella / Margaret Susie Susie Dean
Clown 1 Bernard Whelan
Clown 2 Paul Paul Bailey
Clown 3 John John Dowsett
Clown 4 John John Hilder

Based on the Buchan novel, first published in 1915, the play closely follows the plot and script of Hitchcock's b/w film classic of 1935.

Bereft of any female involvement, the original plot was glamorised to meet Hollywood needs. However, murder and other dastardly intentions threatening national security remain at the core of this fast-moving, clever and very funny play. Escapes from the London-Edinburgh Express, leaps from the Forth Bridge, chases across Highland moors, and aircraft reconnaissance remain as production challenges!

To fill the roles of 28 named characters, I have a cast of 7; the London production uses only 4 actors! Five men and 2 women; apart from the main character Richard Hannay, the other 4 men have 6 roles each and require a wide range of accents and characterisations. All in all a very physically demanding and theatrically challenging play, but one which is likely to be hugely satisfying.

Watch the trailer - The cast at a photoshoot on the Watercress Line:

NODA award

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