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12th to 14th November 2015
The Grayshott Stagers presented:


by Constance Cox
A comedy based on a short story by Oscar Wilde

The Director was Ian Wilson-Soppitt

The Cast:

Sybil Merton Rachel Rachel Perkins
Lady Clementina Beauchamp Marion Marion Homer
Lady Julia Merton Sara Sara Wilson-Soppitt
Nellie Gloria Gloria Simpson
Lord Arthur Savile Steffen Steffen Zschaler
The Dean of Paddington Paul Paul Bailey
Mr Podgers Ellis Ellis Nicholls
Herr Winkelkopf John John Hilder
Baines Ian Ian Wilson-Soppitt
Lady Windermere Jennifer Jennifer Charters

The play is based on a short story published in 1891 and was first produced on stage in 1952.

Charming, gullible Arthur is informed by a palmist that he is destined to commit a murder. Since he does not wish to inconvenience his bride-to-be, he decides to effect the dastardly deed before the wedding. He, therefore, embarks, with the aid of his faithful butler and a passing anarchist, on several attempts to kill his relations.

Much of the dialogue of this fantastical comedy comes direct from the short story but Constance Cox's language is also wonderfully witty as well as appropriate.

The action takes place in the drawing room of Lord Arthur's house in London

The set
The set

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Watch the trailer - The cast at a photoshoot at St Edmund's School:

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