Grayshott Stagers
(Honorary Patron: Vanessa Redgrave CBE)

17th to 19th November 2011

The Grayshott Stagers presented:


by Derek Benfield

The director was June HegartyJune

When two unexpected guests, Jane and Brian, drop in on Sheila and Andrew, a devoted middle-age couple,
what ensues is a complicated and hilarious series of misunderstandings and mistaken identities as Sheila
and Andrew begin to weave an elaborate web of lies and half-truths to hide their own possible infidelities.

The cast:

Andrew John John Dowsett
Brian Paul Paul Bailey
Jane Angie Angie Hilder
Carol Brezetta Brezetta Thonger
Sheila Jennifer Jennifer Charters

The set

The review

Other credits:

Stage Manager John John Hilder
Production Secretary Peter Peter Budd
Properties Barbie Barbie Badger
Set Design Jim Jim Hegarty
Front of House Manager Mel Melanie Tyrrell
Lighting Tony Tony Legat

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